About Us

About Samrat Metal and Tarjali

Samrat Iron is a licensed iron and metal works who specializes in metal related Services. As one of the leading Chitwan based, we have the answers to all your questions about iron related works in Chitwan. We have already delivered over 1000 successful projects, Samrat Iron Industry remains dedicated towards being a comprehensive one-stop solution for all those who wish to build quality product.

Vision & Mission

Like our slogan implies we have a strong conviction that an individual’s project should be handled with care. samrat iron cares your project.

We maintain higher level of professional ethics, integrity and customer care. While serving our clients we also respect and honor the law of the nation in which we operate. Moreover, our production is based on the facts on which clients can utterly rely. Likewise, in order to save your precious time and finance we only accept project which can be delivered in time.

We have fostered a primary faith that client’s success is our accomplishment. Our glorious decade long journey is the outcome of the same faith.

We continue to operate with the highest possible customer care, professional ethics, integrity and follow-up services. We value our clients’ satisfaction and loyalty towards us more than anything else.

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